Disclaimer: Products may vary in color and texture. Pictures are a close representation to what is in stock but to guarantee 100% match please come down and take a look in the bins. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Mocha Bark

Dyed to hold color longer

Mocha Bark  $45.95 Cu. Yd.

Deco River Rock 3/4″

Rounded rock
Natural tan colors
Used as a decorative rock

Cubic Yard – $67.95


Drain Rock 2″

2″ natural rock

used as a septic rock

Cubic Yard – $46.95

Salted Caramel 3/4″

3/4″ crushed decorative rock

used for flower beds

Cubic Yard – $67.95


Field Stone

Landscape Stone Sacramento CA

Per Ton – $160
Per Lb. – $0.10

Arizona Flagstone (select)

Per Ton – $360
Per Lb. – $0.20

Arizona Flagstone (5 colors)

Per Ton – $320
Per Lb. – $0.18

Sierra Red Bark

Landscape Mulch Sacramento CADyed to hold color longer

Cubic Yard – $45.95

Playground Fiber

Landscape Bark Sacramento CACertified
Wheelchair accessible
Great for day cares

Cubic Yard – $52.95