Conserve Water With a Deeper Root System

When the drought season is upon you, many homeowners become rightfully concerned with the amount of water that your lawn retains. Brown spots popping up all over usually prompt a person to over-saturate their lawn, but this isn’t the most environmentally sound way of keeping your lawn green.

Conserve Water With a Deeper Root System | Eden Garden Supply

Instead, an excellent way to conserve water is by having a deeper root system. Growing deeper roots not just for your lawn, but for any plants and foliage on your property, can seriously impact the amount of water you use to get through a dry spell. Since deeper roots retain more water, you will find you need to water less frequently.

This begs the question about how do you grow a deeper root system? Amazingly, you will need to water less often. If you rely on a sprinkler system that pushes out small amounts of water quickly, the roots will never need to dig down deep to get the water they crave. When you see about a third to half start to show wilting signs, that’s when it’s time to water.

This tactic helps build up a tolerance and the roots will dig down deeper, and hold onto that cherished water. Watch for folding leaves, discoloration, and tracks left behind when you walk through the yard. These three determining factors will tell you when it’s time to water, as opposed to a rigorous cycle from something like a sprinkler system.

Once you do water the yard, wait until at least one of these signs presents itself again – that’s your signal to water again. Watering too frequently will not help develop a deeper root system, which means when a drought comes along, your lawn won’t be able to make it through in one piece.

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